Version 6.3. By : Christine Wong Pui Lei
Free (now only)

Ipsunflez is not a free program. But now you can download for free to test use.
If you use Ipsunfez in a website, you need to pay. However, if you subscribe for our hosting service,
It is free to use for your website.

Extremely Light weight

Ipsunflez is about 0.7M only.
Many views

You can view your web pages tables in more than 8 views.

You can develop Ipsunflez into many softwares.
Easily create table

You can easily create tables, duplicate records without using phpmyadmin
Can intergrate with many system

Ipsunflez can be intergrated with many systems.
Written in php & mysql

Ipsunflez is written in php & mysql, can install in many websites.
Easy to modify

Write in simple php (not OPP), can be easily modify by beginner.
Furthermore, just imaging go through a 0.3M system compare with a 7M system.

Multi language

Ipsunflez is multi language ready.
Create light weight program

Program created using ipsunflez also light weight.
Can intergrate part of 3rd party program

You even can intergrate only part of a 3rd party instead of full program to save memory space.
No need to write SQL statement for 1 to 1 link table

No need to write complex SQL statement for a 1 to 1 link table(build in selected field).
Easier future development

Ipsunflez is written in simple php, it can be further developed easily.
Can assign user authority for pages

Can assign user authority for pages to view.
Come with popular program's data structure(coming soon)

Come with data structure of popular programs.
Can export to xml csv (coming soon)

Ipsunflez is planning to enable export data to xml and csv.
Build in Shopping Cart (coming soon)

Ipsunflez is planning to come with build in simple shopping cart.
Build in simple stock and accounting system(coming soon)

Ipsunflez is planning to come with simple stock and accounting system.
Build in Star Rating

Ipsunflez Version 7.3 is come with star rating.

About us

Our Mission is : Make programming easier.

Ipsunflez is a Content Management System (CMS), besides, it is a Site builder and programme builder too. Furthermore, it is extremely light weight (about 0.3M), Can intergrate with other programmes, and so many other features you can find at the left panel.

You can view our demo video at ipsunflez - php MySQL programme builders demo

You may imaging how can a program do so much?

This is because ipsunflez is focus on the heart of any program : database.

After adding the database into ipsunflez, there are 10 type of reports/views that you can view your database.

This 10 views consist of :
I) Detail : view record 1 by 1 in table view.
II) Detail Listing : View 5 records in table view. You can view more records by changing the sqllimit=(Number of records) in the URL to view more records per page.
III) Search : Search any records or Select All records after any search.
IV) Edit : If you wanted to make changes of any records while you are in Detail view(or any other view too), just change it to Edit view by clicking at Edit in the menu to do the modification.
V) Edit Multiple : Same as IV) above, but make modification to multiple (5) records. If you want to edit even more 1 shot, refer method mentioned in II) above.
VI) New (Multiple) : Same as V) above but add new records.
VII) New : Same as IV) above but add new record.
VIII) Detail - Multiple : Same as II) above but in div view.
IX) Edit Multiple(Vertical) : Same as V) above but align in vertical view.
X) Detail - Multiple(w/o fname) : Same as VIII) above but without the field names being displayed.
If you wanted to delete record(s), just using view IV) or V) will do.
For ID field (f01) in VI) and VII), if you wanted the system assign the number automatically, just leave the ID field blank.

How to add database on ipsunflez? Just follow tutorial (Add table and field), (Add form) and (Add content and pages). (Add table and field) is on how to add database, table and field. (Add form) is using table and field to build a form. By seperating (Add table and field) and (Add form), then you can add more than 1 form from 1 table.

If you only want a CMS, you just need to follow tutorial (Add content and pages). Otherwise, you may integrate other database into the CMS, you even can add a CMS in to ipsunflez for easy modification, eg: Add Wordpress, you may refer to blog How to modify Wordpress using Ipsunflez.

Ipsunflez also come with many examples or systems for you to easy understand or use. It comes with a Contact us, CD Collection, Food Product, Blog, Forum & a simple Shopping Cart. If the system need pages that are different from the 10 views above, you may add a new pages by writing php into ipsunflez easily.

Ipsunflez also comes with a membership system, just follow tutorial (Ad membership). So if you are the administrator (user ID less and same with 100), you have authorities to view all pages. So if you don't want the public or a member to have all the 10 views for pages, you just need to add membership so that the public or member only can view your database on your preset view.

Ipsunflez is free now for download to test use. If you want to use Ipsunflez in your website, you need to pay unless you are using our hosting service.

Try ipsunflez and have fun.