Version 6.3. By : Christine Wong Pui Lei
Free (now only)

Ipsunflez is not a free program. But now you can download for free to test use.
If you use Ipsunfez in a website, you need to pay. However, if you subscribe for our hosting service,
It is free to use for your website.

Extremely Light weight

Ipsunflez is about 0.7M only.
Many views

You can view your web pages tables in more than 8 views.

You can develop Ipsunflez into many softwares.
Easily create table

You can easily create tables, duplicate records without using phpmyadmin
Can intergrate with many system

Ipsunflez can be intergrated with many systems.
Written in php & mysql

Ipsunflez is written in php & mysql, can install in many websites.
Easy to modify

Write in simple php (not OPP), can be easily modify by beginner.
Furthermore, just imaging go through a 0.3M system compare with a 7M system.

Multi language

Ipsunflez is multi language ready.
Create light weight program

Program created using ipsunflez also light weight.
Can intergrate part of 3rd party program

You even can intergrate only part of a 3rd party instead of full program to save memory space.
No need to write SQL statement for 1 to 1 link table

No need to write complex SQL statement for a 1 to 1 link table(build in selected field).
Easier future development

Ipsunflez is written in simple php, it can be further developed easily.
Can assign user authority for pages

Can assign user authority for pages to view.
Come with popular program's data structure(coming soon)

Come with data structure of popular programs.
Can export to xml csv (coming soon)

Ipsunflez is planning to enable export data to xml and csv.
Build in Shopping Cart (coming soon)

Ipsunflez is planning to come with build in simple shopping cart.
Build in simple stock and accounting system(coming soon)

Ipsunflez is planning to come with simple stock and accounting system.
Build in Star Rating

Ipsunflez Version 7.3 is come with star rating.

Build a 5 tables programme in 7 minutes using ipsunflez

I assumed you understand relational database, php, MySQL, phpmyadmin and MS Excel's copy and paste, and join text formula. Please download ipsunflez at website www.ipsunflez.org and install ipsunflez. Click and view through ipsunflez to have a feel for ipsunflez so you may understand it before you start. (Please don't make changes to ipsunflez unless you are fully understand and know what you are doing. If you want to test, create a new database and new records to test). To further understand ipsunflez, you may go through all the short tutorials at readme folder first. With ipsunflez, you only need to input the database and there are 10 webpages ready for each table for your viewing.

You may view this tutorial video at Build a 5 tables php MySQL programme in 7 mins by ipsunflez(revised)

Lets build a score system consisting the following 5 tables.

1) Create the database in phpmyadmin and the config.php file.- 1minute
2) Design and create the database in MS. Excel - 4minutes
3) Copy and run the SQL command into phpmyadmin or ipsunflez - 0.5minutes
4) Copy and paste the menu into menu_public1.php - 0.5minutes.
5) Create the tables in ipsunflez - 1minute

Create the database in phpmyadmin and the config.php file.- 1minute
Lets create a new database [score] in phpmyadmin. Add a new database into Ipsunflez by selecting [Database], [Database], [New] (pg=11000,pgs=7). So lets say the new Database number zdb(f01) number is 6, Add a new config file at ahidden by copying the config5.php, rename it as config6.php, change the $username and $password into the respective username and password, $database as [score]. Modify the following lines :
$sqllink5=mysqli_connect... into $sqllink6=mysqli_connect....
mysqli_select_db($sqllink5, ... into mysqli_select_db($sqllink6,

Design and create the database in MS. Excel - 4minutes
The tables for this database is ready in Excel file 40000master.xls, please download from the website www.ipsunflez.org.
1) Type in the table details in Sheet [Tbl,Form,Page] (ready).
2) Type in the field details in Sheet [fld,frmfld](ready).
3) Type in the field relation in Sheet [Link](ready).
Now copy and paste the SQL Command from row F2 to L2 for Sheet [Tbl,Form,Page] to F6 to L6. Do the same with the respective fields for Sheet [fld,frmfld] and Sheet [Link].

Please login into ipsunflez before we continued.

Copy and run the SQL command into phpmyadmin or ipsunflez (Run SQL Command) - 0.5minutes
You can copy and paste the SQL command from the Excel file from row F2 to L6 for Sheet [Tbl,Form,Page] into database[zzz] (not database [score], database [zzz] is functioning as the master control of itself and all other database). Do the same with the respective fields for Sheet [fld,frmfld] and Sheet [Link].

Copy and paste the menu into menu_public1.php - 0.5minutes.
You can copy row M2 to M6 for Sheet [Tbl,Form,Page] into file zzmain/amain/putup/menulag/menu_public1.php in order to add the menu into the system.

Create the tables in ipsunflez - 1minute
Select [Database], [Create MySQL table]. Then select [New], Select [student], click [Insert] button. Then the Create table SQL command being displayed, click [Create table] button to create the table [student]. Repeat this step for the others 4 tables.

Ipsunflez also comes with a membership system, just follow tutorial (Add membership). So if you are the administrator (user ID less or same with 100), you have authorities to view all pages. So if you don't want the public or a member to have all the 10 views for pages, you just need to add membership so that the public or member only can view your database on your preset view.

The new program for score successfully created. With tis Excel file 40000master.xls, you may create your OWN database and programme much more faster and easily in just a few minutes.

Try to type-in URL [yourwebsite]/zzmain/amain/login/login_success.php?pg=40000&pgs=2&lag=1&pgno=1&sqllimit=5, (take note pf the pg=40000, this is the numbering you assigned at the Excel file). click [New], add a few records into your table [student], click other view for the pages and take note f the url to undertand what is pgs. You may add the above links for pg=40000 to pg=40200 into the respective menu for the login system (login_success.php) manually or by modified the Excel file.

Unlike other program builders, you can make changes to any pages at anytime if you wanted by using ipsunflez. May be you don't need ipsunflez now, however, it is advisable that you acquired ipsunflez at the beginning and it is better for your FUTURE DEVELOPMENT.

Ipsunflez is compatible with Wordpress (release under GNU General Public License GPL, a free program). So you can use our hosting service, and intergrate Wordpress into ipsunflez if you wanted.